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    Do you have questions regarding how we work? Please go through our FAQs for a detailed explanation of how we offer our services. If the question you have regarding our service is not covered in this section, do not hesitate to contact our customer care team for assistance. We are available day and night to answer all your questions.

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    Frequently asked questions

    Why should I hire you to do my assignment?

    Codingassignmenthelp.com offers quality and reliable solutions to all students at an affordable price. We have been in this field long enough and understand what is expected of us. There are many reasons why you should hire us to do your assignment:

    1. All our experts have a massive knowledge of coding. They will ensure you get the exact quality of work you are looking for. We do every assignment from scratch, ensuring that you get plagiarism-free solutions.
    2. We are available day and night to ensure that when you need help from us, we are here to offer it.
    3. Should you need a revision in an assignment we have done for you, we will do the revision immediately and without any additional charges.

    What is the process of hiring a coding expert here?

    We have simplified the process of hiring experts here so that our clients can have an easy time working with us. The process of hiring an expert here takes less than 5 minutes. The process involves;

    • Sending us your assignment – You are expected first to send us the details of your assignment. We will go through the assignment, value it and then send you a free quotation. The quotation has all the payment details.
    • Payment – After you receive the quotation from us, proceed to make a payment. Note that if the price indicated on the quotation is slightly negotiable. Once you make the payment, your assignment will be forwarded to an expert.
    • Completion of the assignment – The assigned expert will work on the assignment within the given. They are expected to follow all the instructions given. Once the assignment is completed, it is taken through our quality control department, where we ensure that all the instructions have been followed before forwarding the solution to the client.
    • Revision – If you want a revision after receiving the solution, we will do it for you. Note that we will not charge you for plagiarism.

    Why do you ask for personal information from clients?

    We only collect information that is helpful in delivering your assignment. We ask for general details from you such as your names, email address, delivery date, alternative communication method, and any other details that can useful. We never ask for confidential information from clients such as pins and passwords. The information we ask from our clients is not accessed by third parties and is used for internal purposes only.

    How long will it take to finish my coding assignment?

    Every assignment here has a different deadline, and therefore, we do not have a specified timeline that we take to finish an assignment. All we do is ensure that every assignment is completed before the deadline. Even if your assignment is due in a few hours, we will ensure that it is completed on time. Therefore, think of us if you are looking for a team that can complete your assignment before the deadline.

    Can I go through your samples before hiring you?

    If you want to go through our coding samples before hiring us, we are ready to share them with you. Our samples are prepared by the same experts who will do your assignments. They, therefore, show you the quality of work to expect from us by hiring us. Our samples are always available, and therefore you can contact us at any time and ask for them.

    Can I get a refund if my work is not done according to the contract?

    Yes. Our contract with you is binding; therefore, if we do not meet the contract requirements, you will get a refund. To ensure this is open and transparent, we have a money-back guarantee which you can activate anything the requirements of the contract are not met. We work very hard to ensure that we deliver what is asked of us on time and according to the instructions.

    Do you offer coding assignment solutions in Australia?

    Yes. We have a highly skilled team in Australia offering the best coding solutions. Our tutors understand the Australian curriculum well and, therefore, will guarantee you the best solutions. Besides offering coding help in Australia, our service is also available in all other countries such as the UK, USA, Canada, UAE, etc. Get the best solutions in Australia today at an affordable price.

    Can I get urgent assignment help in coding here?

    We are the right team for you if you are looking for a team that can offer urgent coding solutions. We have a big team of experts who always ensure that you always get timely help. Therefore even if you have an urgent assignment, we are here to ensure that you get the help you are looking for. Therefore, hire us today and relax as we ensure that you complete your urgent assignment on time.

    Which topics do you cover in coding?

    We cover all the topics in coding. We know it is a complex and extensive area of study. We, therefore, ensure that every student is well covered. We have professionals who have specialized in all areas of coding. Some of the topics we cover in coding include;

    • Multithreading
    • Concurrent utilities
    • Synchronization utilities
    • Stream API
    • BlockingDeque
    • Serialization in Java

    There are just a few topics of the many we cover in coding. Therefore, if you are looking for help in coding, reach out to us for help.

    Can I meet any of your coding experts physically to explain the requirements of my assignment?

    Unfortunately, we do not allow physical meetings between our clients and experts. Our service is purely only. If there is anything you need to explain to us, you can do it through a call, text, or email. We have a team that is always ready and available to listen to you to ensure that all you’re your requirements are met. If we feel that anything is not clear, we seek clarification from you to ensure that everything is clear to us before accepting the task.

    How much do you charge for a revision?

    We do not charge our clients for revision. If you need a revision, we will do it for you immediately. Note that you can ask for a revision as often as possible. We do not have a limited number of revisions we can do. Our work is to ensure that every client is satisfied with the quality of work they get from us.