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    We are the ultimate destination for students seeking reliable artificial intelligence assignment help services. Our platform is highly rated by students in Australia, the UK, and the US. If you are stuck with an assignment in this field, feel free to email us at support@codingassignmenthelp.com. We are available 24x7.

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    Get Quick Help With the Core Concepts & Topics of Artificial Intelligence

    We are an established website that has been around for nearly a decade. We have made a name for ourselves in this domain because we produce 100% unique solutions on time. No artificial intelligence assignment is too complicated for us to handle.

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    Computer vision

    Computer vision strives to replicate the complexity of human vision in computers. It is one of the most compelling types of artificial intelligence. We are associated with skilled professionals knowledgeable in all aspects of computer vision.

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    Robotics is an interdisciplinary of artificial intelligence focusing on the construction of robots to substitute or replicate human actions. We have helped several students handle their robotics projects. Please place your order with us immediately.

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    Deep learning

    Deep learning is an area in artificial intelligence that tries to mimic how human beings gain specific types of knowledge. Machines learn by experiencing data and discovering complex structures in them. Contact us if you need assistance with your deep learning assignment.

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    Machine learning

    Machine learning is one of the applications of artificial intelligence. It strives to help machines learn without being given direct instructions. Machine learning depends on the concepts of mathematical data models to achieve this.

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    Computational optimization

    Computational optimization is a branch of artificial intelligence that boasts methods for modeling and solving real-world problems. This field has massively developed since its introduction in the 40s and covers both practical and theoretical aspects of AI.

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    Modal logic for strategic reasoning

    It is an area of artificial intelligence that uses automated reasoning and modal logic of knowledge representation in AI. We are well-versed in this subject's central concepts, including notions of validity and satisfaction, Kripke frames, bi-simulation, etc.

    We are Well-versed In Major Implementations Of Artificial Intelligence

    The advancement of technology has made AI the preferred tool for a plethora of industries. We possess a wealth of knowledge of significant implementations of artificial intelligence, including:

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    Augmented reality

    Artificial intelligence is applied in augmented reality to create immersive AR experiences. AI models like deep neural networks are used to detect horizontal and vertical planes, segment images, and infer precise positions of objects.

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    Virtual Reality

    Artificial intelligence is immensely implemented in mobile virtual reality technology. AI is the future of engineering and technology. It is used to create better VR experiences. Virtual reality applies the concepts of AI to fine-tune digital environments.

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    Artificial intelligence plays a huge role in creating games according to players' preferences. Artificial intelligence powers almost all computer game systems. It brings out responsive, adaptive, and intelligent behaviors creating human-like intelligence in games.

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    Automobile companies like Tesla are using artificial intelligence algorithms to develop self-driving cars. The cars use computer vision and machine learning to navigate through traffic safely. A good example is the Autopilot by Tesla.

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    Face recognition

    You have probably used a smartphone with a face recognition security feature. It is AI that has made this feature possible. These tools can be used for surveillance and security, providing real-time insights 24x7. AI-automated security features contribute to public safety.

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    Social Media

    Do you always wonder how your browser or social media accounts know the posts you might like? The platforms use synthetic intelligence tools that analyze your search history to recommend products, people, or posts you might like.

    Three Main Types of Artificial Intelligence

    1. Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI): It is the most common type of artificial intelligence. As the name suggests, ANI machines have narrow capabilities. They are designed to resolve a single problem or execute one task exceptionally well. Examples of ANI systems include those used by e-commerce platforms to recommend products to users.
    2. Artificial General Intelligence: It is a new concept that has not yet been implemented practically. It is the AI with human-level cognitive functions. This theoretical concept is applied in several fields, like language processing, image processing, etc. It is safe to say the world is not that long away from its first artificial general intelligence system. AGI concepts have been depicted in movies like Will Smith's I, Robot.
    3. Artificial Super Intelligence: It is the logical progression of artificial general intelligence. An ASI system will surpass all human capabilities, including making rational decisions, emotions, relationships, etc. The aim is to improve AGI systems into realms no human has dreamed of. However, since we have not yet developed AGI systems, ASI seems like a concept far from being achieved.
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