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    Are you not satisfied with our services? You can always ask for a refund. We recommend that you read our terms of refund carefully before using any of our services.

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    Refund Policy

    We strive to complete all assignments as per the instructions provided and on time. Should you feel the expert has violated any of the company's commitments, you can take advantage of our money-back guarantee policy. The policy gives you the right to request a refund if we have failed to deliver what we promised. We are a professional agency that offers legit assistance with coding assignments. We go all out to make sure that our clients are fully satisfied. At the moment, our customer satisfaction rate is at 4.7 out of 5. Most of our clients return with consequential orders and even refer us to their friends. However, we know sometimes things can go not as expected. In such cases, our refund policy can come in handy. Before you can ask for a refund, please know the situation when we offer a refund:

    Full refund

    There are only certain situations when we offer a full refund. They are:

    1. No delivery: We confirmed your order but failed to deliver the solution. This can happen because:
      • We couldn’t find an expert to work on your coding assignment. Although it is a rare situation, it can happen.
      • The tutor working on your assignment had an emergency
    2. Duplicate orders: You can accidentally place two duplicate orders. In such cases, it is your responsibility to inform us in advance that you have placed the same order twice. Failing to do so within 24 hours will lead to both orders being processed.
    3. Duplicate transactions: We are an ethical company. We never take advantage of our clients or charge them twice. If you find that an extra payment has been processed against your order, please get in touch with us immediately. We will refund the duplicate payment.

    The amount refunded in all these situations is always 100%.

    Partial Refund

    Here are the situations when you can ask for a partial refund:

    1. The client canceled the order: If your order had already been confirmed but you decided to cancel the order, the amount refunded will be between 75% to 0%. We have to cover the efforts of the company trying to provide you with the service you requested.
    2. Late delivery: We are committed to delivering all assignments within the mutually agreed deadline. Sometimes, emergencies such as the tutor getting ill can make us miss your deadline. In such cases, you reserve the right to ask for a refund. However, you cannot ask us for a refund if the late delivery happened because to did not submit your requirements or materials on time.
    3. Solution not as described: If you are not satisfied with the quality of the write-up that you have received, we will be obliged to revise your work and make everything right. If your deadline has already passed and you do not need any correction, we will discuss the amount to be refunded with you.
    4. Plagiarized work: The word plagiarism is not in our vocabulary. If you claim that the work you have received is plagiarized, then you must furnish us with a Turnitin report as proof. You should send us a verifiable report within 3 days after receiving the solution. If your claim can be substantiated, we will discuss with you the amount that should be refunded.

    No refund

    We cannot ask us for a refund if:

    1. Your work was done as described
    2. Change your deadline. We usually work with the deadline you mention when placing your order. If your submission date changes, you should communicate the same to us for a recalculation of the rate.
    3. You cannot prove or substantiate your refund claim
    4. Editing and proofreading orders

    Refund processing timelines

    We usually process refunds within 7 working days. You should always include documentary proof when filing a refund request. The company is not liable for:

    • Bank charges
    • Anomalies that are beyond our control like a failure in your banking system, delays, etc.

    The company usually communicates its decision on your refund request.